• Fully stocked shelves

    If it's not in the store, we can get it for you in 1 or 2 business days.

  • Nuts & Bolts

    Shopping with friends can be fun!

  • Feed blending

    Custom feed blending in the volume you need.

  • On Hand Feed Specialist

    Here at the Gilman Creamery we pride ourselves with on hand feed specailist. You can ask Roger, Jerry, Bethany, Katie, or Adam questions about what to feed & how much to feed your animals. Whatever it may be, they'll be happy to help you. Knowing really makes a differnce.

  • Helping out

    One of our little buddies loves to "help out" when he comes in to see his dad.

  • Creep Feeder

  • Creep feeders for sale or lease

  • Gates

  • Feed Bunks

  • Calf Huts

  • Calf Huts

  • Wooden Fence Post

  • Hog and Cattle Panels

  • Stock Tanks

  • Skid Steer Attachments

  • Building new grain bins 2014

  • The new scale

More Ways Gilman Serves You

In addition to handling milk, feed and farm supplies, Gilman Co-op Creamery also offers the following:

  • Chicks from Hoover’s Hatchery
  • Skid Loader buckets from Virnig
  • Top quality gates
  • Grain storage
  • Corn drying
  • Skid Loader Buckets & Wagons from MRF