Forage Quality

Taking control of what you can: Forage Quality   Harvest season is soon upon us, so let’s turn our attention to those things we have control over in the forage program.  Crop Maturity, Packing and Storage, and Inoculation. ...

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Feedings VS Pushups

Feedings VS Pushups If you are looking for ways to get more out of what you put into your cattle one thing to consider is feedings per day vs pushups per day.  For a long time I heard “feed once a day, then pushup” and you will get...

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Feed Inventories Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Planting and harvesting has been a challenge to say the least the last couple years. Feed inventories become, in my mind, some of the most important buffers to protecting yourself from less than ideal cropping seasons and volatile prices. High corn...

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Calf Care

Calf Care As we can now see the daylight on the other side of winter, we should be evaluating and making sure our calves have the capabilities to reach their full potential despite the conditions, making sure they received the proper amount of a...

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Pay Attention to Water Space

Addressing Water Can Yield Large Returns Did you know, that the modern dairy cow, has the largest DAILY requirement of water of any land mammal on the planet? Improving water quality and access can give producers a large return on a minimal...

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