Why Purchase a Protein Tub from Purina/Gilman?

An increase in fed protein while grazing corn stalks or late season forages will help increase forage digestion. The 30-13 tub is great for that. The high fat tubs have different levels of fat to be paired with the energy requirements and the body...

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Dry Cow Strategies

The week leading up to and the 2 weeks following calving time are the most critical in a cows life. These few weeks will ultimately have the largest influence on a cows profitability and health for the entire lactation. The following are my Top 5...

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Roughage Buster

Benefits of Roughage Buster


Why Buy Roughage Buster Tubs?

Roughage buster tubs have a biuret. Biuret is a slow release urea that aids in fiber digestion, especially on poor quality forages. Roughage Buster tubs also have Comax Cobalt. Comax cobalt also aides in forage digestion. 5 trials cows that were...

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Silage Harvest Checklist

Silage harvest will soon be here and with it comes the challenge of harvesting your entire year’s crop in as little as a few days. This is a list of some harvest practices that can yield great dividends if applied at harvest time. #1 Safety. It...

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Beating the Heat

There are a few factors we can manage as horse owners to help our equine partners against heat stress. The first is protein intake. Excess protein digestion causes excess heat production which leads to elevated core temperature. Most mature, idle...

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Heat Stress

It’s official, it’s summer! Heat stress is upon us. Our ADM rep. Bryant Johnson has this information for you: Heat Stress: Mitigating heat stress is crucial to keeping production high in all species of livestock. The two most important...

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Master Gain Range Minerals

Master Gain Range Minerals   Mastergain is a 4 oz. free choice mineral that is weathered and has garlium for fly/tick control. This also has trace minerals and weathered for good mineral retention during rains and is pound per pound as good as...

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