Dry Cow Strategies

The week leading up to and the 2 weeks following calving time are the most critical in a cows life. These few weeks will ultimately have the largest influence on a cows profitability and health for the entire lactation. The following are my Top 5 things to keep in mind for your dry cow program

#1 A dry period of 50-60 days is recommended.

#2 Using a quality dry cow mastitis therapy and teat sealant is recommended.

#3 Body condition score at dry off should be 3.25-3.5 If you are not in this range work with your consultant on options to minimize fresh cow risks.

#4 Housing. Either one group or 2 group dry cow programs can be utilized. If you are looking at adding a calving pen facility I recommend a stress free calving line facility.

#5 A solid nutrition program tailored to your specific needs and goals should always be implemented.

Focusing on a solid dry cow program can really pay dividends over your herds lactation. Ask us about strategies for your dry cow program today!