February Is All About Calves


Gordon B. Hinckley said “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation”.  This could not be more true when talking about raising calves.  Animal husbandry, genetics, & nutrition all play major roles in building this strong foundation.  And like most things in animal agriculture, we are constantly trying improve and work toward improving this foundation.  Please join us for our 2nd annual Gilman Calf College Seminar on February 24th at Noon for a presentation from Dr. Tamilee Nennich Adolph.              Dr. Tamilee will spend some time going over new and updated feeding techniques, correct weaning procedures, and proper milk replacer mixing and weighing protocols.  Please RSVP to Bryant Johnson 320-221-4101.  Social distancing measures will be taken and we will have a max capacity of 14 people at the store.  We will also live stream the presentation via zoom, so please send your email address to rylee@gilmancreamery.com or Bryant.johnson@adm.com.  The presentation will also be recorded and posted on the Gilman Creamery Facebook Page afterwards.  Thank You and we will hopefully see you on the 24th!