Heat Stress

It’s official, it’s summer! Heat stress is upon us. Our ADM rep. Bryant Johnson has this information for you: Heat Stress: Mitigating heat stress is crucial to keeping production high in all species of livestock. The two most important factors to mitigating heat stress are air flow/speed & air exchange. Air flow refers to the speed of the air circulating through the building. Air speed will increase evaporation from the animals body, reducing heat stress. Minimum air speeds of 5 mph are important, but 7 mph is my personal preference. Using basket fans & ceiling fans where livestock are laying down is an ideal place for circulating fans.

An air exchange is defined as replacing all the air in the building, with fresh air from outside. No matter what method of air exchange you are using, either natural or mechanical ventilaion should provide one air exchange per minute. An air exchange is defined as replacing all the air in the building with fresh air from outside. Designing or modifying your buildings to achieve this goal will have a huge impact on the health & production of your livestock.

If you have livestock on pasture or in lots that do not provide shade, shade cloth is an economical way to reduce heat stress. Shade cloth is durable, lets air & rain through & is one of my favorite ways to cool livestock in the summer months. Shade cloth comes in a few different “shade” options from 30-80% shade. Opt for the 80% shade material as it has really shown to improve lying time the most.

As always, keep plenty & extra cool water available to your animals & more importantly to yourself, family & employees. Heat stress is just as hard on people as it is on livestock. And don’t forget to have some fun this summer with your family & friends.

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