Mineral Feeding During the Winter

As we are now into the new year, 2021 calving cows are entering their 3rd trimester. This is an important to take note of this for several reasons, it is a critical time period for both the cow and the in-utero calf. When monitoring the cow, we need to make sure she is in the right BCS to successfully make it through calving, raising a baby and get rebred in 83 days to maintain a 365 day calving window. We also need to make sure she is making the best colostrum possible to get the calf the most IGGs and off to a start with a health immune system. To help her get this accomplished, she needs to be in a positive mineral status.  Several minerals play a key part in limiting the number of RPs and calving issues a herd can have as well. By offering mineral to a cow pre-calving, it will help you eliminate cow illness and assist in having a healthier higher vigor calf to be born. Tubs provide the most consistent intake of all options for feeding mineral and provides easy access when weather is variable this time of year.