Gilly's Gang

Here at The Gilman Creamery we all know what you go through each day. You see, all of us have ties to the farming industry.

We all have chores to do just like you. We understand you & want to serve you.

Custom Roasting

Put your out-of-condition grain to good use. We offer custom roasting of barley, corn, wheat, oats and soybeans.

Who would think that such a little bean could be so important?

Benefits of roasting your soybeans:

  • Soybeans are an important source of protein, vitamins & minerals. Roasting your soybeans makes them even more beneficial. When you roast your beans you're killing trypsin inhibitors which can be very dangerous & damaging to animals protein digestion in the small intestine.
  • Roasting your beans lowers soluble protein while increasing bypass protein.
  • Roasted beans have been proven to increase milk yield & farmers report a higher butterfat content.
  • Roasting your soybeans makes the protein, fat & amino acids of the soybean easier to digest.
  • Also proven to quicken weight gain in pigs & deer, farmers claim they produce larger antlers & a better body condition.
  • Still not a believer? Just ask "Bessie" herself - cows love the taste of roasted soybeans! Give us a call if you'd like us to roast your beans or to add roasted beans into your animals diet. 320-387-2770. We have on-hand nutritionists available every day!