Farm Tools

Keep Your Farm Running Smoothly in Gilman, St. Cloud, or Anywhere in Minnesota

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Gilman Co-op Creamery is a local animal feed supply store, and we sell a wide range of farming equipment and farming tools to farmers from Gilman, St. Cloud, MN and all over the state. Local farmers love doing business with us because they know that they can find everything they need to keep their farm running efficiently. Visit us today to speak with a member of our staff.

Choose farm tools and equipment for your farm

At Gilman Co-op Creamery, we pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service and wide selection. Our friendly staff can help you pick out new supplies for your farm, such as:

  • Animal feed
  • Farming equipment
  • Seed corn
  • Farm chemicals and oils

We can help you maintain your new farm equipment with an array of tools and supplies. Call 320-387-2770 now to see if we have the farming equipment or farm tools you need in stock.


  • Inoculant with more proven research than any other on the market… TRUST IN ECOSYL.
  • Forage quality can’t be put at risk. Treat with Ecosyl and know your forages are protected.
  • Silage inoculant with proven performance.
  • A rapid fermentation with rapid pH drop is critical to maintain forage quality. Ecosyl does just that.


  • Ecocool contains L. buchneri bacteria, proven to keep feed fresher and more palatable.
  • Keep your animals on feed, with fresh, cool, palitable silage.
  • Silage treated with Ecocool reduces spoilage and yeast.
  • Prevent silage spoilage at feedout with Ecocool inoculant.