Services We Offer!

Propane Tank Refills!

We have the lowest prices around!

We Rent Skid Loader Attachments!

Got a job to do? We’ve got the attachments for you! We rent & sell Virning skid loader attachments.

Instant Fencing!

Free standing panels.

Check Out Our Full Hardware Section, Belts & Hydraulic Hoses!

With the new store we added a bigger & better hardware selection. We think you’ll be pleased. As always we still make & repair hydraulic hoses & carry all kinds of belts.

Custom Feed Rations

Grinding and mixing. “We strive to accommodate everybody and every species.

Grain Roasting

Your out-of-condition barley, corn wheat, oats & soybeans needn’t go to waste. Roast, and add to feed!

Gilly’s Tire Guys


We offer all sorts of tire products and services, including:

  • Implement
  • Vehicle
  • Repairs
  • Balancing
  • And more!